My cup of tea 2 dating sim cheats

This game is completely drawn in Flash with a mouse and my arthritic finger; I was hoping for sponsorship though I don't think this game is up to par and I didn't want my few fans to wait any longer.

My next game is one dedicated to Newgrounds, it'll be dark, sad, and very sexy.

I don't particularly enjoy the fact that I got 1,080 EXP with Fantom and still couldn't date him even after buying a bikini and putting on makeup, though. A dating sim that doesn't reduce romance to cheap materialism and focus on winning a girl's affection by burning all your money and suffocating her with gifts.

(SPOILERS) The answers to Garrick's riddles in order are "repeat after me", "cornerstone" and "down".

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Thank you for the wait and support, you've been very kind.

This game opens with scientist and best-buddy, Mobley, tells Jenna to find Logan.

The chemicals turned several people into mindless slaves, but it awakened hidden vampire blood in others.

Our main character is Jenna Moonlight (the goth chick from the first game).

No one has a better handle on this kind of wish-fulfilment like dear old Nummyz, whose early title, featured a mystical wood called Twilight Forest, where Canon Love Interest Fantom could be unlocked.

His creator, an enchanted body of water called The Pond, grew jealous after the protagonist took Fantom away and infected the world with its fumes.

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Then click on "Ask for Spells" and if you talked to Jenna enough, Jenna will break the curse.

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