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Her parents don't sound that overbearing if she can get away with not wearing head coverings and drinks alcohol (probably secretly).

As an asian with a muslim family I'm totally for this guy giving it a shot. But seriously, you'd need to know about her family - if they are those really cultural types where problems may occur. Well i know that she has been on dates before (but has kept it quiet from her family).

It's going to be tough mate, there's going to be a lot of disagreement from her side but if you make it clear and the girl you're with is strong enough to fight her cause then you guys might end up together for real.Last year I remember, a Sikh guy I know was ranting to me about how his Muslim gf returned from doing the Hajj pilgrimage, and now she wants to wear the hijab and "not get intimate" with him until marriage (ironically, they can't really get married either from a religious point of view, so she may even have been leading him on to compensate the shock change).He was quite fustrated, and was almost in a state of denial.But let me just say, even if she is not really that religious right now, this is still likely to end in disaster. - What if she does suddenly one day become religious?Especially at a time when your relationship with her became serious? Her relationship with you will always be a burden one way or another, especially if she did one day "become more religious" as many do (unless you were to one day become a Muslim out of sincerity).

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I don't know what happened to their relationship in the end, but such a scenario could happen to you.

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