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Melissa Ferrick makes me uncomfortable, and I told her so.Nothing against the singer/songwriter herself; a high octane performer whose perfectionism fuels her prolific album output, Ferrick has proved her staying power.To answer Dan Bucatinsky’s question when his 2012 book asked us if his baby made him look straight, the answer is apparently, yes. Maybe once the baby arrives, we really are just like any other parent: exhausted, dirty and overextended.

I am staring at a beautiful quilt of stories, hoping to stitch mine in place for an audience that should understand. While beautiful, these few examples of parents in the gay community do more to highlight the lack of representation than illustrate the diversity within it.I was defined by all that I had to offer the world because of my sexuality, not in spite of it. Natalia Zukerman 31, singer-songwriter/guitarist Melissa Ferrick 36, singer-songwriter/guitarist/founder of Right On Records New Buryport, MA Fiercely emotional rocker Melissa Ferrick has been a celebrated singer-songwriter since bursting onto the music scene in 1991.Here, we present excerpts from these friends’ candid conversation. ” Melissa: The girl that I shut up, six years later, is my girlfriend. I know it’s really retarded—but it was totally love at first sight. And I said, “Hey I’m Natalia,” and she didn’t say her name. ” And I was like, “No, I didn’t know that—and what an asshole for not introducing herself.” Like, am I just supposed to know who she was? Then we realized that a couple of weeks had gone by where we were talking every single day for four hours a day. Melissa: Yeah, I mean as slow as you can take it as a lesbian, you know. ” Am I willing to be this person’s best friend and partner and go to any lengths to really expose myself? B: And Daniela, before she started doing , would come on tour with me, which was super fun.Melissa: We did that for like four months before we had our first date. B: How is it, both of you being on the road so much? We’re almost at two years now—and I think that that’s right when this kind of stuff starts to happen. Natalia: I notice that it happens for both of us that as soon as the other one’s away, songs come out. Melissa: That’s when I first met you guys, at Columbus Pride or whatever it was. Before Columbus Pride we stayed at your house in P-Town when we were first falling in love. B: That’s an ancient witchy trick that Daniela taught me.

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