Married and lonely dating

Wow this sounds similar to my life except my wife and I do go places and do things (just usually with 4 year old in tow).It's a funny thing and yes, the male mentality is that maybe having sex more often will help us feel closer while the female mentality is that we need to do more romantic things in order to feel closer and then we can have sex (seems that way anyway).

I've been married to my husband for nearly five years; we've known each other for 10. I would pull up articles written by marriage and family therapists to see what we could do.A month later he went to disneyland with the whole family, and then took a week off work to spend with his wife.Last I heard, they were staying together, and things were improving slightly between him and his wife, they also do marriage counseling now.He decided to go for it, and I guess had a wild time with her for a couple months.We had a conversation about the whole thing, and I asked if he still loved his wife, or if he was gonna divorce her.

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