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During the later period of the Qin Dynasty, Liu Bang, a peasant leader, overthrew the unpopular Qin regime and established the Han Dynasty.The longest imperial dynasty, the Han Dynasty, was known for starting the Silk Road trade and connecting China with Central Asia and Europe.Many bronze objects and jade articles, which date back to 1600 BC, have been found to support these early archaeological records.

There was a Bronze Age Yellow River civilization at this time at Erlitou in Henan; however, artifacts don't show conclusively that this was the Xia Dynasty of later writings.

The Qin Dynasty was the first and shortest imperial dynasty in China.

It was famous for great building projects, such as the Great Wall and the Terracotta Army, which guarded the First Emperor’s burial objects and was to protect him in his afterlife.

The First Emperor — Qin Shi Huang was first to use the title of emperor in China.

He and his Qin state united China by conquering the other warring states, and he ruled with an iron fist.

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