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While these changes may generate some positive publicity for the company and its beleaguered CEO Mark Zuckerberg, they are likely to compound the real problem, further diminishing transparency and opportunities for independent oversight.

The net effect of the new API restrictions is to lock out third parties and consolidate Facebook’s position as the main analytics and advertising broker.

The service is free to people posting and responding to messages.

Our website is well indexed by all the major search engines.

(Note that the freedom of science is recognised as a human right.)The narrow terms of reference for this initiative (elections and democracy), the requirement to adhere to a research agenda defined by the selection panel, and the selection process itself are inherently excluding a much broader range of research that investigates the impact of Facebook on all aspects of society.

Indeed, we have seen the consequences of such selection processes before: in 2013, for example, Twitter selected only six of the more than 1,300 applications for its ‘Twitter Data Grants’ programme.

In principle, we welcome this new engagement with researchers — but we suggest that the engagement model Facebook has chosen for this initiative falls well short of what is required, and fails to provide sufficient support for free and independent scientific research.This means messages posted to our site may also appear in search engine results for some time after they have been deleted from our system.We can't get individual entries removed from a search engine's index, although they will normally disappear over time.In spite of, and even of, the recent troubles with data misuse by malevolent third parties, better API access for legitimate data users is urgently necessary.Facebook has now also announced a new initiative “to help provide independent, credible research about the role of social media in elections, as well as democracy more generally”.

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