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If you have no idea what Love Hina is and you’re playing this game anyway, let me give a brief synopsis.A guy named Keitaro Urashima (referred to as Keitaro, Urashima, or “Urashima-sempai”), is trying to get into the college Tokyo University (referred to as “Tokyo U”, for short).If you behave well, the girls will start to like you more, adding hearts to this meter, and will also change their character “mug-shot” used when they have dialogue.You, on the other hand, will get kicked, punched, thrown, and otherwise bashed around by the girls when they get mad at you. When the game starts, Keitaro has full health, but few hit points.Using dialog trees, the players responses and actions will affect how each girl feels about them.Players will gain and lose hearts depending on their choices, and some options will alter which girl gains and loses hearts.

Today, Keitaro still wants to keep that promise, so he still tries to get into Tokyo U.As the game progresses, he can have many more hit points available to him.Throughout the game, Keitaro will “rest” and take baths, which will cause him to gain back lost hit points.By the time everyone gets mad at him (all girls), he is told that the Hinata building is no longer an inn…it is a GIRL’S DORMATORY!Eventually Keitaro is able to stay, thanks to his aunt, as the resident karinin (translates something like “land-lord”).

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