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Unfortunately, she decided that she can not wait three years to meet me, I could have, but it always depends on the both sides.I didn't really had luck with my long distance relationship, which had 7 countries between us, but that doesn't mean that any of you wouldn't.It doesn't matter if you skype online every night or send texts every hour.There is just to many distractions and other single people the same age looking for a relationship.I would rather say good luck and one day, you will meet the love of your life, I hope that it does work for you.If you are in school long distance relationships do not work.

A vast majority of people associate love with being near someone and being able to be with them physically.

I'm still quite sad but It's all in the past.

It was, probably the most beautiful year of my entire life, full with laughs, tears, joy, happiness and a lot of love.

Basically we were always waiting for the sun to come out, looking outside of the window and praying that one day, one of us will at least travel to the other.

I was completely and fully, unconditionally in love with her, then she told me that her feelings seem to disappear.

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