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A cash liquidation distribution, also known as a liquidating dividend, is the amount of capital returned to the investor or business owner when a corporation is partially or fully liquidated.When a company goes out of business and its assets are liquidated, the firm either issues non-cash liquidating distributions, cash liquidating distributions, or both.George Myers was also with Ernst and Ernst and then Pease, Sanford and Reinking.James De Wald had previously worked at Fort Wayne National Bank. The offices were significantly expanded in April 1973. On May 1, 1985 DWD acquired the office of Wayne Hall in Marion.Proceeds from a cash liquidation distribution can be either a non-taxable return of principal or a taxable distribution, depending upon whether or not the amount is more than the investors' cost basis in the stock.The proceeds can be paid in a lump sum or through a series of installments.Amounts below investors' cost basis are reported as capital losses.

Frank Dulin, Allen Ward, Michael De Wald, Jim Doty and now Jeff Taner have also headed the firm.

DWD did a considerable amount of programming up until the late 1980’s.

Now the technology consultants assist clients with hardware, software and network installation, along with training and support.

De Wald opened an office in the Lincoln Tower that began the firm that is now Dulin, Ward & De Wald, Inc.

In 1931 he formed the company Pease, Sanford and Reinking.

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