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Durbar primarily targets economic vulnerabilities through their robust USHA Multipurpose Cooperative Bank with active savings outreach and mentored lending to mitigate economic shocks and debt bondage.We hypothesize that variables related to economic security are positively associated with CCU.For example, we expect price per client, total number of clients, weekly income, and having savings to be positively associated with CCU, while being in debt is posited to be negatively associated with CCU [].Health behavior change theories based on value-expectancies balancing perceived risk and reward (e.g., Health Belief Model, Theory of Reasoned Action) are widely used to design condom use interventions in the fields of public health and psychology [].Since that time, FSW have been regarded as one of the most high-risk populations behind the rising tide of HIV/AIDS in South Asia.India’s epidemic has followed a “Type 4” pattern in which new infections occur first among vulnerable groups, such as sex workers and injection drug users, and then spread to bridge populations, such as clients of sex workers, who transmit the virus to the general population [].

El uso consistente del condón (CCU) es la principal opción de prevención de VIH/SIDA a disposición de los trabajadoras sexuales a nivel mundial, pero puede verse afectada por la inseguridad económica, las vulnerabilidades de ciclo de vida, factores de comportamiento, pérdida de poder, o la falta de eficacia de las intervenciones.Durbar targets these factors primarily through anti-trafficking self-regulatory boards [].We propose hypotheses based on the assumption that stressful or traumatic life events have long-term adverse effects that may not fully resolve even when stressful or coercive conditions are no longer present, impairing perceived control and self-efficacy, and leading to less consistent condom use [].We hypothesize that CCU is positively associated with perceived risk for HIV, positive condom attitudes, and knowing one’s HIV status.We also hypothesize that higher numbers of clients and days of sex work per week potentially reflect both higher perceived risk for HIV/STI but also heightened economic security [].

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