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"The two years before 40 were a total crash and burn--I was trying to make everything fit together. The advice I was getting was, 'Rock is dead, incorporate beats into the record.' So when I write, should I be thinking, 'Can this song be dance-choreographed? ' Because the record was taking so long I felt like it was taking time away from this other part of my life that I wasn't having--a solid relationship, kids.

It became me battling the monster, and I finally hit bottom.""The bottom" is where Crow has found some of her best material.

Crow grew up in rural Missouri, and by 21 was an elementary-school music teacher in St. Forced to choose between marriage and music, she picked the latter and landed a lucrative fast-food commercial.

(Her first hit: "It's a good time for the great taste of Mc Donald's.") The 24-year-old Crow used the cash to move to L.

Three previous studio albums were built on personal conflicts and emotional upheaval, though no one predicted such a legacy when she arrived on the scene in 1993 singing, "All I wanna do is have some fun." But Crow would outlast more seemingly relevant peers like Courtney Love and Nine Inch Nails by luring in casual listeners with traditional, FM-style pop rock, and snagging devotees of serious songwriting with poignant, self-effacing and occasionally devastating lyrics.

Now she is a respected pop entity who, with Don Henley, heads up a recording artists' coalition to strengthen musicians' rights.

Sounds like stuff you'd write on an algebra notebook.

A., where she waitressed, sang backup on Michael Jackson's "Bad" tour and eventually signed a deal with A&M. After the success of 1993's "Tuesday Night Music Club," she had a public falling-out with friends and musicians who said she didn't credit them for ideas on the album, and developed a nasty drinking habit.

By 1996, she had faced the autoerotic asphyxiation death of her former bandmate and boyfriend, and as her second album hit the charts, Wal-Mart refused to stock the self-titled CD because it contained lyrics accusing the store of selling guns to minors.

She's a tabloid curiosity who's dated Eric Clapton and Owen Wilson, and has been accused of dating Kid Rock (a charge she denies).

She's also the gal with seven Grammys and 17.5 million albums sold.

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