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Please note that these are equipped with a Rapido style coupler on the tender and a dummy coupler on the pilot.BLW also has available the Micro-Trains 2002 Coupler Conversion kit.This was reversed by the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which ruled: We hold that reasonable jurors could find that clear and convincing evidence established: (1) the front page headline falsely insinuated that the police believed that Kaelin committed the murders; and (2) the false insinuation was not necessarily cured by ...subheading or by the non-defamatory story about Kaelin that appeared 17 pages away. Simpson trial, Kaelin appeared in the movie Beach Fever (1987), in which his character created a love potion with his friend and hit on girls at the beach; he also starred in Night Shadow (1989), a low budget horror movie.In 2005, he appeared in the first three National Lampoon's Strip Poker pay-per-view programs (Kaelin is an avid poker player); the titles were filmed at Hedonism II, a naturist resort in Negril, Jamaica, which led him to quip, "The first few days there were the hardest!" The Playboy bunnies, WWE Divas, and pin-up models competing in the no-limit Texas hold 'em games, and upon losing all their chips and clothes, had to dive into the "Pool of Shame" and visit "Kato's Guesthouse", where he would interview the nude defeated players. And in 2010, Kaelin appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher, wearing a wig to play his younger self in a taped skit parodying 1990s television appearances by 2010 US senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell.

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Repair or advanced replacement is at our discretion.

Warranty is null and void if there is evidence of any material structural changes, customization or alterations to the collar, any improper use or abuse, any application of non-removable items.

All returns require prior authorization from Guardian Athletics Customer Service staff and a return merchandise authorization number (RMA).

Credit or exchange will not be issued without an RMA.

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  2. Sometimes it felt funny and it hurt, because it of course included the possibility that we would not be together. We know we are called to be married because God, and he, and I have gone down that long road of discernment and growth together.

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