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For Joss, the TV show ANGEL was a metaphor for “addiction.” For Tim Burton, DARK SHADOWS is about dysfunctional family. The narrative films we are making each personify different metaphors.EC: According to your interview with will “explore all the metaphors of vampirism, i.e.I wanted to know why an actress I was only familiar with in a vampire role, had decided to take on such a project. What inspired you to take on such a project and how did the idea come about? Dev and I were self-funding, but the project has grown beyond our wildest expectations!

It was not intentional, but maybe some vampire-ness runs in the blood!For every perk level from and above, our Indiegogo partners who have joined the UNDEAD will get a streaming link or a DVD/Bu Ray if they choose. With two full-length documentaries under your belt will your next project be in front of or behind the camera? JL: I have two films, which should be coming out this year. I play an English missionary in one and a Viennese starlet in the other. And of course I will be continuing to work on A PLACE AMONG THE DEAD and A PLACE AMONG THE UNDEAD.EC: You have been utilizing events like Comic-Con and Monsterpalooza as promotional tools. I am dying to make the film that people want to see!It includes interviews with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Star of LOOPER, LINCOLN), Guillermo del Toro (Director of CRIMSON PEAK, HELLBOY) and Rian Johnson (Writer and Director of LOOPER.) I am very passionate and tenacious, so I try not to pay any attention to typecasting or other people placing limitations on me.I am interested in creative expression and bold choices.

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  1. It was actually easier without him.” I’m sure I’m not the only girl growing up whose mother told her that it’s just as easy to love a rich guy as it is to love a poor one.