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But there's always a happy ending in the movies, so what are you doing wrong?

Possibly quite a lot of things, says dating guru Rena Maycock.

"They want women who are significantly younger and they know they can get them," she says.

Some over-50 males are seeking women their own age, Maycock acknowledges, but, she observes, they're a hot commodity in pubs, clubs and golf-clubs -- and they know it.

"We had a professional lady recently who wanted a university-educated boyfriend," she explains.

"We called her with details of a well-educated man with his own business, but she didn't like where he lived, so she turned him down." Even seemingly insignificant things pose obstacles to some women in search of romance.

"We had one guy who spent a lot of time on the first date talking about his dead wife.

Men are agreeable to this, she says, because many bachelors who have turned 40 and are thinking about settling down tend to become very fussy about age.

However, she adds, many women make things unnecessarily difficult for themselves through a combination of unrealistic expectations and blatant snobbery.

"Women can be funny about education and profession," she says.

"It's actually a numerical challenge as there aren't enough men to go round." To begin with, she points out, there is about one-third less separated or divorced men in that age group than women.

Add to that the fact there are 40pc fewer professional men in Ireland than women anyway and you're facing some grim statistics -- so women who insist upon a highly educated, professional mate are automatically excluding some potentially great partners.

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"We've had women in their 50s complaining that their date's shoes didn't match his belt!

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