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However, the idea of eating the Other puts this “other” in the category of victim of white domination.When in fact, the Other may just as well desire the whiteness.Do non-whites merely desire whiteness or do they see past the whiteness and desire to the love?The words of Mayotte Capecia from the article seem to indicate that the reason her love was her partner’s whiteness. Mayotte Capecia also speaks of her grandmother loving a colored man and she asks how a white woman could love a colored man, adding that she could only ever love a white man, a “blue eyed Frenchman”.For as all the women in Fanon’s Martinque knew, when you whiten the race you In Fanon’s article he tells a story of a “a negro” who had the audacity to go as far as to ask a white woman to marry him.The woman was very much offended and made it clear to him that white skins were not for blacks. However, because she had some white blood in her, it automatically made her superior and closer to whiteness than blackness.Interracial relationships are primarily seen as taboo when they involve whiteness.

She acknowledges that others view her with condescension for being a woman of color married to a blue-eyed man.Which now brings into play the intersectionality of race and gender.The fact that a black man can conquer white culture through women, while white men can simultaneously conquer other cultures through women implies that it has partly to do with male dominance.In Fanon’s article, he speaks of how non-whites dream of a form of salvation that consists of magically turning white.Some people would argue that Tamera in this case is only trying to achieve whiteness through her husband and save her race.

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