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She tries to dismiss it all and run away, but the mirror creature traps her with telekinesis.

The creature transforms, revealing it to be an evil witch with golden armor and emerald-green glowing eyes, introducing herself as Morgana.

The gang arrive at a restraint and Toby's plan of being a gentleman go off without a hitch, but Jim's struggles to remember their plan makes him a bit rusty with Claire.

While Jim and Toby argue over how well the date's going, things apparently go from bad to worse when they learn that Douxie, the hansom guitarist from Arcadia Oaks Academy, will be their waiter.

Jim, Toby, and Darci all agree and leave for class while Claire puts her books in her locker, and she is startled to find Not Enrique hiding inside.

He says he's been keeping an eye on her, and tries to tell her that a double date may not be such a wise idea, considering how weird she's been acting as of late.

Darci comes to greet Claire's return (just as she is about to tell Jim about the signs).

Meanwhile, Gunmar has returned from Bulgaria, claiming he now knows how to bring forth the Eternal Night: the Staff of Avalon.Feeling guilty of something she has no recollection of committing, she leaves her staff under her bed and heads for school.Not Enrique can't shake the feeling that something is indeed wrong with the girl.Claire tries to dismiss it as sleepwalking, but he still remains unsure.In Physical Ed, Jim thinks the idea of a double date would be a nice change of pace from imminent danger.

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