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Strolling #city #streets at #night has always been #fun for me, #Hilary Rowland. Please share 🤓 ❤️ On a recent girl’s night out my two best friends and I gathered for dinner and engaged in our usual discussion about work, politics, culture, new things we’ve discovered that we’re loving, and updates on what’s happening in our lives, which were nothing out of the ordinary.

But on this night, a new topic found its way into our conversation: money.

For a few moments we were completely incapable of talking candidly, as we have for the past 16 years.

Seriously — It’s time to start talking about money! Did Donald Trump's voters give af about his "likability." No they relished in his "political incorrectness." You can also probably think of examples of leaders or managers in your own workplace, and the excuses we make for gruff male leaders that don't typically fly for women.~ by Hilary Rowland ~ Read on and change your life here: ~ #Empowerment #Books #careeradvice #feminism #financial #career #women #ad #learning #finance #fintech #impact The idea that girls and women must be nice is one of the more pernicious stereotypes holding women back in the workplace. I mean ideally everyone acts with civility, but there are levels of expectations.For a woman to be considered confident and influential at work, she not only must be viewed as competent at her job -- she also has to be liked, according to a study I wrote about last year. We expect women to be a certain feminine way -- quiet, nurturing, supportive, kind.Despite its small size, #Belgium is home to many incredible cities.Here’s a visual tour of five charming cities in Belgium that should be on the top of your travel bucket list: Bringing you the very best of Belgium - strap in for the ride! Have you seen the Urbanette interview with this #inspiring woman?

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