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He's being the perfect boyfriend and i love him so much.

My main question is has this ever happened to anyone else, and if so how did you get over it?

Although if he's able to say those sort of things online, what're the risks of him actually doing it?

sounds like the trust may be degraded by quite a bit there. I wouldn't be impressed by that, and would personally wonder what he'd do/may already have done with a girl in person...

jeez, if my boyfriend did that he would be dumped immediately!

If you can forgive it and not think about it again/trust him to not do it again then your relationship could still work.

Depends if you can forgive/forget, what is much easier said than done.

To immediately forgive and forget something like this, won't happen and it will take time, it will cause stress on your relationship and to get through it you will need to be extremely strong together as a couple, which is always made harder considering you probably feel your relationship is at it's weakest point right now and when you need it to be at it's strongest.

People do make mistakes, although it isn't an excuse, but if you really love him and you want it to work, then it's up to you as to whether or not you give him another chance, but be prepared that it could happen again and that for a while your trust will probably be at an all time low.

So we have been together for just over a year and i came across a conversation on his skype with a random girl he met on the internet..probably wouldnt have bothered me but the stuff that he was saying was just horrible, he was telling to take her clothes off and do things for him.

After i confronted him he was really upset and genuinely sorry saying he didnt want to loose me however i cant seem to get it out of my head.

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