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How can he truly love you yet go days without communicating with you? Yes, I understand that sometimes we might want our space but that doesn’t mean non-communication.If a man takes days to communicate with you, be it sending/replying messages or giving you a call back, then that’s a red flag and I suggest you approach with caution. I picked up the remaining dignity I had and walked away without looking back. I didn’t expect anything from him because I lost hope in the opposite sex.Have you ever witnessed a couple (be it strangers on the street or like me, a friend and her boyfriend) arguing and the man gets angry and starts name calling?Don’t you find it funny how a man can meet you at noon and be in love with you by midnight? How can a man misuse such a strong word on a complete stranger?

A man that doesn’t want to talk to you everyday isn’t in love with you.It is funny how people think all you need from a relationship is love, but respect is crucial. We can’t help who we fall in love with, but we can decide who we choose to respect.We can’t control love, it’s unconscious, but giving someone respect is in our hands (a conscious decision)A man loves you when he is respectful in his words, actions, efforts and thoughts.I would pick a man that lets his actions speak for him than a man that is all talk.If you are dating a man that is all talk, give him away for free.

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