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A funny animal is an anthropomorphic animal character who lives like a human.They are typically bipedal, wear clothes, live in houses, drive and ride vehicles, and have jobs or may even be recognized citizens of countries, which distinguish them from other animal characters who may nonetheless display anthropomorphic characteristics such as speaking or showing facial expressions.Dark or serious stories featuring characters of this sort can also be grouped under the "funny animals" category, sometimes referred to as anthropomorphic characters to avoid confusion over the range of genres.These stories may intersect with any other genre or group of genres, including historical fiction, science fiction, superhero, western, slapstick comedy, children's/family entertainment, and satire.

The book has been compared to the wildness of animation director Tex Avery or the wackiness of the Warner Bros. ACG's Hi-Jinx was touted as "a brand-new idea in comics" and debuted in 1947.By the early 1940s, teens had become a significant consumer group with money of their own, and adult, rather than juvenile, tastes. The commercial and popular success of teen-oriented films such as MGM's Andy Hardy series of the late 1930s starring Mickey Rooney and the Henry Aldrich films of the early 1940s with Jimmy Lydon, gave comic book publishers the incentive to create and develop the teen humor genre.The series tapped into the neglected pre-teen female audience as well as youngsters of both sexes who would soon enter their teens to experience high school life.The nostalgic, idealized, blissful view of suburban high school life (that predicted the soon to be realized sit-com formula) assured their success.Parental approval was granted for their non-smoking, non-drinking hero who never used teen slang, fought, or disobeyed his parents and whose libido only faintly glimmered.

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