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As Sohn notes: "The literature on human capital has long demonstrated that wages increase with age (up to a certain point) ... Sohn attributes the typical age-related increase in women’s income to the fact that people usually gain experience and skills with tenure on the job. Which is to say that for 40-year-old men, the supply of 30-39 aged women meets the demand for free, while the supply of women 18-29 to have sex with for free doesn't meet demand. There are plenty of women who love sex, and even want it more than many men.Prostitution spectacularly defies this regularity" (p. Although the same may be true for women in the sexual services business, the value of experience appears to be outweighed by age-related decreases in sexual desirability. The only way to have a clean study in this sense is for all women to stop having sex for free, and see what they all can command for prices -- at least as a first step. If you disagree, you need to meet more women and experience a more fun truth. But why would the women in the 30 to 39 year old group have sex for free, while the younger women charge?In which case what they want can influence the price just as much as what men want.

If we simply survey you and ask what you desire in a mate, as some researchers have done, your answers might be biased to make you look good.

Although women in traditional occupations made a generally lower hourly wage than prostitutes, those women normally made more money as they got older, rather than less. Well, not exactly, because price isn't determined by demand alone.

The age-related increase for other occupations slowed between the ages of 25 and 35. It's determined by the balance between demand and supply.

Between the ages of 25 and 35, the price men are willing to pay for a prostitute drops precipitously. Kameda (eds.) Men do not have unrestrained choice in whom they marry or date, but they do get to choose whether or not to pay a prostitute for sex, and the amount they are willing to pay reveals something about what they most prefer.

Sohn also examined how a woman's age influenced her income in traditional jobs, and found more or less the opposite pattern. Economists call this "revealed preferences," assuming that the amount we are willing to pay for any commodity gives a good index of how much we value it.

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