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At both ends of the line, both participants are enjoying themselves and getting exactly what they came for in a safe and regulated environment with just their smartphone.You don’t have to be a pro-sexter or some sort of an ethereal nymph to be able to make money sexting, all you have to do is having good control of grammar and a steady internet connection.Once you begin romantically texting, stay on the platform.If the person offers you money to move onto a disguised Skype or Instagram or Whats App, there is a high chance that you are being scammed.Besides the sexting aspect, a lot of clients choose this because they are lonely and feel unwanted.Clients are very very shy and need something a little less “intense” to start out.

Stay on the platform and use the payment recommendations on the platform even if their cut is hefty. As earlier stated, do not use mainstream payment mediums like banks or Pay Pal.

You don’t want to end up with a stalker because of carelessness. It’s easy to look up numbers online for the full address of someone (think about the MTV show Catfish).

Use third-party texting apps out there that are completely free in the app store: Kik, Whats App, Text Plus etc.

You make less money but there is no “legwork” in looking for surveys.

The surveys are short and easy so it’s a great option to do them casually. Although it’s low-paying, you can get free when you sign up.

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