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I had a girlfriend who was kinda strong and bodybuilder type, so I think I am deserving to answer this question. I was very infatuated towards this girl, she was very pretty, good looking and had toned body as well.

She was from a different stream but we had a few classes that were common to both of us.

But just in case you needed a reminder of how attractive a strong woman can be, then check out this video of Cassandra Martin who is a combination of strength and beauty.

and to all the other crazy single female bodybuilders I am privileged to know and hang out with). You’re just going to have to keep trying your luck. I hear most of my male BB friends say that their sex-drive takes a nose-dive during a bodybuilding diet. Could it be because we’ve now got more muscle mass and less body fat, our hormones are less “female” and more “male”? That’s a direct quote from a single FBB friend of mine. I’ve got brown hair, so my attitude to food is a bit less fiery, but essentially I agree. Oh – nearly forgot – do you want any cakes or muffins? ) If I ask you to tan me it doesnt mean you get sex.

We want that strong female in our corner to support us and maybe even help re-rack the barbell when we’re done with our set.

But there are some individuals that are insecure about the idea of having to put more plates on the barbell when it’s time for their special lady to begin her on set.

She didn’t have a very strong body then as she had joined the gym recently.

I tried to befriend her, make some conversations and somehow got close to her and it worked pretty well.

If your idea of the perfect mate is a ripped attractive man or woman who enjoys sculpting his or her body, our Muscular singles dating site is the flagship site for Bodybuilding and Weightlifting enthusiasts for friendship, dating, romance, pen pals, and more.Most of the time, you get a) hot bod and bordering on maniacal, or b) reasonable state of mind but somewhat “off-season”. We’ve got more testosterone than previously (and more than non-BB women), and less oestrogen? But on the flip side, one of my female BB friends said that, during prep, she is genuinely too tired for any of that shenanigans and will And she’s not talking about housework or grocery shopping. We don’t get a lot of food, and what we do get has been carefully prepared, probably weighed out (tedious) and dreamed about for the previous few hours. not that kind of cardio You’re unlikely to be our first thought in the morning. And, no, sorry, not that kind of cardio (what are you offering, anyway, LISS or HIIT? ” I’ll leave you with a few choice words from my female friends: I love nice tupperware. I think the take-home point here is prep makes women more up for it (in their minds, at least), but when it comes down to the actual moment… If we open the fridge and you’ve eaten the damn thing… ) Choose your words carefully You think women in general are unpredictable and difficult to please? Do not say “Great to meet you, I’m glad you like my choice of coffee shop. We were happy together and I loved spending time with her.Though I had dated a few other girls in the past, it was never very pleasurable,long lasting and fun compared to the one that I had with her.

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