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Two world records, four world championships, one Olympic gold. Personal Ledecky grew up in Bethesda, Maryland and attended Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart. 2012 Olympic Games A few weeks later, she surprised her country and the world with a gold medal finish in the 800 freestyle at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. She started swimming at age 6, following in her older brother Michael’s footsteps. She quickly claimed her spot in the future of American swimming by winning the 800 freestyle and finishing third in the 400 and ninth in the 200.

On the other hand, Navaho babies are even calmer and more adaptable than Chinese babies (Freedman, 2004).Freedman attributed his Chinese and Navaho findings to a general Mongoloid temperament.If that were the case, infants should behave similarly in other North American native peoples.Behavior can likewise differ between infants from different complex societies. We’ve seen this with Chinese-American and Euro-American babies, the latter having a less easy temperament.

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These findings were partially replicated by another American psychologist, Jerome Kagan, who found that Chinese 4-month-olds cried, fretted, and vocalized less than Euro-American infants. In a study of Euro-American, Japanese, and Chinese 11-month olds, the last group was the least expressive one, being least likely to smile or cry.

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