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❤️ SGUZAv K I use these tech tools to measure the 4 assessed content areas for each student on my report card: Google forms, @Plickers, @Class Dojo and @Gopher Sport Fit Step Stream Pedometers. QRZJ6Kg T It's officially back to school season, so we're seeing an influx in emails, but you should be seeing a reply within 48hrs.

From her You Tube channel to the Nickelodeon channel, the TV personality (known for her signature bow) is moving on up with her very own docu-series titled, but this is different; this time the show is all about her!

She has nearly four million subscribers on You Tube and she has over 300 million views on her song “Boomerang,” so we’re not surprised she got the green light to star in her own show. Make sure you are following @nickelodeonuk because I will be LIVE on their Instagram tomorrow at pm UK time for Q&A! A post shared by Jo Jo Siwa (@itsjojosiwa) on While being in the spotlight can be fun, it often comes with people who feel the need to criticize you.

@Fern Hill ES #FHEbobcats FJk9MV0RP This may seem like small potatoes to some but to me it means that I am almost guaranteed to have a smooth and fully supported classroom all year long!!!

@classdojo is a great app that allows for teachers & parents to…

But this time was different—no stalling and no changing the subject, and it was revealed that Jo Jo Siwa is dating no one! “I don’t think boys are necessary to date when you’re my age,” said Siwa on her You Tube channel.

In my experience, when meeting a woman in person, I can generally gauge chemistry after about, oh, 2 seconds. Rarely have I known a woman for a while and then suddenly experienced a visceral surge of attraction.

Kiezen welke is misschien de moeilijkste opdracht van t jaar! I LOVE exposing my students to the beauty of making mistakes and working through school struggles like a champ.

@NISDFranklin ES #kfeproud @Class Dojo #rodriguezrockstars Students posting to their @Class Dojo portfolios for the first time!

On a national scale, our alumni land a job in 180 days after graduating, with an average salary of ,000 per year.

*Published in February 2018, this is based upon a survey that was sent to alumni who graduated between January 2015 and October 2017.

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