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Since i saw your profile i cant stop thinking of you, i don't really know why, but i think i am begin to fall in love with you, not because of much thing, but just because of your sincerity and honesty towards our relationship, i wish us to build a nice and good relationship together that can lead us into marriage and make our life happier and brighter... True love doesn't need to be always sweet and sugar coating. :) Sounds like my Adams Edward, been talking to him for 3 weeks. In Malaysia now for three weeks, parents dead, home address not real, when talk to his phone its only on whatsapp, text on a California number cell phone, from America , lived in Sweden. Comments and user names are part of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) public records system, and user names also are part of the FTC’s computer user records system.I hope that this is the relationship we are looking for in a million of years, that can bring happiness and smiles in our life,i will love to know more about your, personality and your family more, so that we can be more concentrate with each other and have a nice relationship together with love and happiness, thanks and take care dear.....please send me more of your current pictures ok With Love Edward Based on my research, i found this exact messages in a website who is also helping to stop this scam issue. A guy who loves you will find ways to come to you, you don't need to pay for them. And besides, God loves you, and will surely give what's best for you. We may routinely use these records as described in the FTC’s Privacy Act system notices.And also he email me a minitary leave form saying that i must register my particular in it in order for him to get out from his mission ground in Afica and will go back to states and will visit me in Singapore I than felt is so wired to heard all these. And so for this 2nd experience I use my head and do some research and that's the reason I bump in to this site because I was searching so hard to know if it's real because the photo being used is very handsome.LOL I can't find the name in the search engine and he is as well using an ordinary email.

" Below is his email: 1st email I wish to thank you for accepting my friend request. I do cook sometimes as I like cooking, Being happy always makes me feel young everyday. What a crappy day to find these things out Yes, I caught several guys.

Then I delete them but in the beginning they would always ask for money for something that came up like a sick kid and they can’t ge home to pay or some other lame excuses and I guess some women are lonely enough to believe them. So really, the credit card isn't paid off, and the victim has increased her credit card debt by taking a cash advance. That happened to me but my credit card company will not let it go through until it clears his bank and when it does he can not stop the payment then I with draw all the money ..he wants to screw me over I will screw him over first.... Please report your experience at Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. I met someone who claims to live in LA is a Doctor. Get together with all your friends all your relatives verify when we get online to chat or talk only we know these answers to these questions and things all of you know from growing up your old neighbor much for you all together. I'm Lieutenant Thomas Moore's wife to be, and i'm applying for his leave request for three(3) months based on confidential family issue..

Dr Phil has had at least 3 shows I saw about both men and women had spent thousands and thousands of dollars to help their online’s so sad they they can’t believe they are not real. Super cute lots of marine tats big german shepherd. Now he wants my cc access...passwords security questions evetything so he can transfer me 0 to help me financially until he can get to TN to marry me. We cannot address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments. Something scammers don't even know coast so different sheet difference between you and scammers. He will perform [active duty] with the (United States Coast Guard) beginning soon.

First asked for money to buy leave then found out im former military. if they answer them correctly youll sent them 50,000... Actually I received this kind of email twice but they didn't get anything from me. The first person is Lieutenant Thomas Moore widow and with daughter under guardian. I forgot much info about him but I remember he is so sweet which this stuffs can surely make me doubt. His absence from work for this period of military service is protected by me and the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, 38 United States Code, Sections 4301-33.

I played this game scammers for about a year after that they stopped communicating with me all at once I also sent them a picture of a safe full of a lot of money and said to them you answer these questions correctly I'll send you this I never heard from them again its called reverse psychology this is one way to start messing with their heads and I'll never bother you again and this cure the epidemic of scammers infesting our websites and our Internet networks try it.... Okay we never get to the point where he asked me money because after he sent me email of letter format to send to his USA army leave department I get alarmed. USERRA does not require that I provide all this information to you.

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An unknown number of these migrants are subjected to sex trafficking in their intended destinations.

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