Debian vs rpm updating

If any major requirements were missing, the configure script would exit and you could not proceed with the installation until all the dependencies were met.

If the configure script completed successfully, a , which help optimize the resulting binaries for your system.

In the early days of software, products were stringently tested for bugs and other defects.However, those with smartphones have gotten used to the idea of a software "store." The way smartphone users obtain software and the way package managers work are not dissimilar.While there have been several attempts at making an attractive UI for software repositories, the vast majority of Linux users still use the command line to install packages.A few years ago, before the proliferation of smartphones, the idea of a software repository was difficult for many users to grasp if they were not involved in the Linux ecosystem.To this day, most Windows users still seem to be hardwired to open a web browser to search for and install new software.

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