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Many of my clients have a history of wasting years in relationships before realizing they weren’t compatible for the long run.

That’s why I coach my clients to see relationships as a journey not a goal. Instead, it’s about the happiness you find in each moment together – even the mundane ones.

The problem is many of these men approach relationships with the same competitive spirit, which is actually counter-productive to finding true love.

Over the years, I’ve helped many C-level executives find the woman of their dreams and live happily ever after. What I’ve seen time and time again in my clients – which have been some of the most high-profile executives in the US – is that the ‘go-getter’ qualities that help them get to the top of their game in the business world can actually be counter-productive when it comes to finding love. ” Actually, it’s a common myth that successful men have the best dating lives.When I see a client with a strong competitive tendency, I always start by helping him see why, despite his best efforts, he is not getting what he truly wants – lasting love.Together we create a list of the non-negotiable qualities he needs in a harmonious match (for example, honesty, intelligence, beauty, passion and kindness).

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Once they shift their perspective, they immediately start to attract women they connect with on all levels – mental, spiritual and physical.

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  1. He'll need help coming up with an action plan. When my husband and I learned that our 15-year-old had sex with her boyfriend, we grounded her for a month with no computer or phone, and told her the relationship is over.