Dating violence poem

Ras Mo, director of the Pink & Blue Arts for Violence Prevention Project, designed & coordinated a program, Staying Connected through which several PSAs including this one were produced.

Days after 26 people were killed in Sutherland Springs, Texas, a gunman opened fire in the small town of Tehama, California, killing five and woundi...Its Community education via the arts Chant Down Domestic & Dating Violence Since 2004, annually in observation of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, October, the Pink & Blue Arts for Violence Prevention Project has hosted Chant Down Domestic and Dating Violence.Chant Down Domestic & Dating Violence uses the performing arts, audio and video as catalysts for town hall discussion and education sessions about relationship violence and related themes.The venue is at a Teen health Summit at The Boys & Girl Sexism & gender socialization are major contributors to Domestic & Dating Violence/Abuse.The song/poem is from the Play Testify-Real Stories Real People.

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