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Nothing was done in moderation in the 70s and 80s; so, any fad had to achieve total and absolute saturation before dying off (i.e. Olivia Newton-John and Cheryl Tiegs You’ll note that a lot of these images feature the roller skate that looked like a tennis shoe. “The greatest thing in outdoor recreation since jogging” – so sayeth O. Of course, the ankle-snapping sidewalk skates were a step up from the kind that simply buckled over your shoe.

It would be another decade or so before the rollerblade and the in-line retractable roller shoe would come along to make these skates look oh so very antiquated. Carhops had been around for decades prior to the 1970s. There were still plenty around compared to today; it wasn’t until the 80s that they became completely anachronistic. Ever wore some nice clothes to a smoke-filled bar and have them ruined because they forever smell like a filthy ashtray?

In addition to our popular classic quad collection we have branched out into innovative inline skate, skateboards and other wheeled productlines and accessories.

For the beginner Chicago offers the multi-adjust boot that grows with the child as they hone their skating skills. Once the basic skills are mastered the size fitted quad skates increase the riders performance and speed while providing comfort by a stitched upper boot and padded collar.

Roller skates got their start with quite a bang, making their first public appearance at a masquerade party in the 1760s.

If you've visited one of these ice skating and rollerskating in London , please consider leaving a review on the attraction page to help others plan their next fun day out.The Seventies is that smoke-filled bar, but instead of contaminating everything with smoke (which it actually did), it seasoned absolutely everything with sleaze.It was the Sexual Revolution, and its “second hand smoke” infiltrated every nook and cranny of the Seventies landscape… This seediness translated to the roller disco and various nether regions of popular media, but thankfully there was still a bastion of good old fashioned teenage fun, unsullied by Boomers… Grown-ups had their discos, bars and pool halls, but the children of the 70s had the roller skating rink.Thankfully, we still have footage from the most epic roller event in history: the 1979 ABC-TV Primetime Special: “Playboy’s Roller Disco and Pajama Party”.If this doesn’t make you a true believer, nothing will. In 1979, the mayor of Los Angeles declared Venice Beach “the rolling skating capital of the world.” The few pictures that exist from those days would seem to support this assertion. Linda Blair in (1985) starring scream queen, Michelle Bauer Young readers take note: this is the 70s version of the i Pod.

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