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Call 800-895-4999 to make a one-time payment through our secure, automated system using your checking/savings account or debit/credit card.There is no fee when using your checking/savings account.

Instead, you will be routed to a representative who can assist you with making a payment by phone. mail, enclose your payment and bill stub, add a stamp, and drop it in the mailbox. Simply mail your payment and bill stub to the address above.

According to Lee, "Benny's then-fiancée, Lady Alice Duckworth, came into The Buttery, and she was very impressed.

So the next evening she brought Benny in, because they were looking for a replacement for Helen Forrest. He was looking at me strangely, I thought, but it was just his preoccupied way of looking.

If you use your personal card, you will be charged a .90 processing fee by our partner, Bill Matrix. Download our mobile app and conveniently manage your account from anywhere, at any time.

If you use a commercial card, you will be charged a .95 processing fee. From the mobile app, you can view and pay your bill, report outages and receive outage notifications, and monitor your monthly energy use.

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Send your payment, along with the payment stub from your monthly bill, to: Xcel Energy P. Box 9477Minneapolis, MN 55484-9477 We include a pre-addressed return envelope with your monthly bill. Download our mobile app and conveniently manage your account from anywhere, at any time.

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