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Bonnie and Jeremy meet Luka, Jeremy ends up taking Luka up to the office.

Bonnie steps into the grill but she can't find Jeremy.

When Bonnie wakes up, Jeremy offers her a glass of water and Bonnie tells Jeremy that witches also have weaknesses.Dated, Sexual, Close Bond; They were in love with each other, Jeremy was Bonnie's first love; Distant Friends, Former Allies; Cared about each other, Bonnie sacrificed her life for Jeremy and his sister, Jeremy cheated on Bonnie with his deceased former girlfriend (who was a ghost at the time) and caused their first relationship to end. I don't know, show up as one of the models in your drawing class or something. Uh, I had this whole plan to drive out to New Mexico and surprise you...Bonnie and Jeremy were able to declare their love for each other and finally consummate their relationship.Their relationship quietly grew even with outside threats and seemed to be on the right path until the Other Side started to collapse.

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