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It’s only through overcoming obstacles and struggles that we are able to show our strength.

So when Nice Guys avoid these situations people assume it’s because they’re they know that they would fail, therefor they must be weak.

This is one of the most important lessons for nice guys.

You need to learn when it’s not a good deal for you and when to walk away.

Wouldn’t you rather have a lot of really nasty guys who will do anything to win?Dating Tip #3: Show that you have passion There is also a concern that nice guys they just don’t care very deeply about anything.They don’t seem to have anything that they want to fight for and if they don’t have anything they fight for they may not have anything really worth sacrificing for at all.And to certain extent, I think that’s what nice guys think about themselves, that they are weak and they are not able to challenge others for what they want.Dating Tip #2: Show that you are practical Another conception is that nice guys don’t really understand the reality that the world is harsh and cruel.

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