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Junior engineering student Aaron Hall noted that his partner’s major didn’t make a major difference.“My girlfriend is minoring in [computer science] but majors in finance. I don’t think being in different schools makes it harder to meet new people or be in a relationship,” Hall said.But that’s okay, who doesn’t love the time efficiency of finding a relationship through the internet?

After other Olin Business School students, business students tend to date engineers, who in turn are equally split between business and social science students.If you were to rearrange or move anything in their space, it’s going to be something they’re going to notice.This can work in your favor though, as your engineer is going to always be a few steps ahead of you when it comes to planning trips and going on outings.It’s also important to remember that since they have a passion for the job they’re doing, it’s likely they’re going to have passions for things outside of your relationship.Not only is this healthy, but it also creates a phenomenal bond as you won’t have to spend every single waking second together.

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While stereotypes might render the following statistic surprising, engineers date more than any other academic major.

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