Dating best friend good or bad

After all, what possible moves could you have besides “penis goes in vagina,” or “mouth goes on clit? #1 The build-up They say that one of a woman’s top erogenous zones is her mind.

If you want to give your lover something electrifying to talk about on her next girls’ night, we highly suggest you check out these bad-boy sex tricks to add to your arsenal.

Instead, take advantage of that hood and use it to rub overtop of the clit until it swells up.

Sending her sexy teases throughout the day is a foolproof way to have her begging for it later.

[Read: 20 subtle-but-dirty questions to ask a girl and make her really wet] #2 Get a sexy rhythm Women love rhythm and consistency, so if your aim is so make her cum, be sure to use a rhythm she likes.

It’s not that she doesn’t love feeling you fill her up deeply, but make sure you’re rubbing her clit in a consistent rhythm while you’re doing it!

Furthermore, don’t pull the clitoral hood up when you’re pleasuring Miss C.

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