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Well the picture ain't real, it has messy digital paw prints all over it. But the give away was in the poor match of resolution between the grafted photos.

I at first thought it was rather bold of the perp to use the main i Tunes graphic, but then it occurred to me. It would just be cheap journalism to let you see the whole picture.

“I really want to provide the best possible care to people at an affordable price,” he said.“Doctors dispense ever increasing amounts of medications while explaining less and less about how to get and remain healthy.” As a result, Hoffman has started a new, “old-school” clinic to make doctor visits personal again.Hoffman’s clinic operates out of a space on East 2nd Street, which opened to the public in June.“If you count high-priced concierge doctors, they are becoming popular in many large and wealthy cities across the U.S.” Above all, Hoffman is just happy to make a difference in people’s lives. on weekdays and by special appointment on weekends.

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You are about to embark on a journey through 150 years of Benicia and California history …

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