Dating after living together

I wanted to see other people so we had an open relationship. I think we should have ended it sooner but were too dependent on one another.

It worked well for a couple years but he met someone who wanted commitment. From what you say, you’re already over it in your mind.

People are no longer as opposed to couples living together as they once were — though, of course, some still think couples should wait to live together until after they are married.

The conversation itself, which used to spark uproar and controversy, is similarly basically a non-issue.

It could result in the relationship ending, but if you moved out, this may have been some of the motivation anyway.

You might expect that living together could make problem-solving more challenging regardless of the circumstances of your relationship, but that's not exactly the case.Researchers at Brigham Young University published a paper in 2015 in which they concluded that loneliness and social isolation put people at risk for early death.Living with your partner before marriage might not actually keep you from death, but having someone supportive around might help you feel like there are people in your corner.This can alleviate stress in the situation but also leaves room for you to get used to living alone.Going back to living together may be that much more difficult. I did with my first boyfriend and after many years, became tired of the sameness of it.

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