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I would like to be married, but I find it impossible to meet eligible men no matter how I try—and nobody can say I don’t try.” How the man hunt is conducted This wail came alike from the throats of divorced, widowed and single women of all ages, regardless of whether they worked in the community in which they grew up (more than 50 per cent do) or whether they had taken a job halfway across the country from their childhood homes.

Since the end of World War II, well over twenty million Americans have moved from their home states to settle elsewhere, and this mass migration included untold thousands of manless women—mainly to California, Texas, Florida, Michigan, New York and Ohio.

If the guy always has an excuse as to why he can’t invite you to his place, know that something’s up.

Men can be hard to read, and that doesn’t help you when looking for signs you’re dating a married man.

Makabelo Motaung, an experienced social and dating coach, motivational speaker and relationship expert, shares five signs that could mean that your significant other is actually already married.

It’s a major red flag if he answers your call whispering that he can’t talk and then immediately drops the call; or he’s only available to talk or see you at odd hours.

We constantly hear of women who share in relationship show segments or writing threads on Twitter about how they found out that their loving boyfriend is actually married.

It’s come to a point where ‘Dating a married man’ is searched 66 000 times on Google, followed by 64 800 yearly Google searches for ‘In love with a married man’.

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