Dating a fender guitar serial number

The first letter is an internal code (both I and S were used).

Made in Japan, 1989-2002: Letter-letter-letter-letter-###, like so: SKJL321.

The final letter is an internal code (could be E, F, I, or S.) Made in Taiwan, 1984-2002: Letter-letter-#####, like so: PH07123. The four numbers that follow are the unit number; (00)11.

The last number is an internal code (could be D, R, U, or Y.) Believe it or not, this list does not cover all possible serial numbers. Again, if you’re still having trouble, please contact Yamaha directly as we have posted all the info we have. The second and third numbers are the month; 09=September. Kaohsiung Factory, Made in Taiwan, 2001-: Letter-letter-letter-######. The first two letters are the year; Q=0 and I=2, so 2002. Well, good news its very easy to figure out the age of Fender and Gibson instruments from the last 30 years.Heres a brief rundown of how to do it, plus resources for more information. There are many exceptions, and of course many other brands out there, but now you can tell how old most Fenders or Gibsons are within seconds.

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