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I take this time to say that these pros and cons are generalizations, so don’t attempt to virtually beat me up in the comment section because you don’t agree-these are just my opinions on the matter. From a Jamaican accent to a Bajan (Barbados) accent to the sing-song Trini accent, no foreigner can resist the delicious melodies of sweet talk when a Caribbean man begins to whisper in your ear.While we are on that note, Caribbean men are known for lyrics.Con The challenge comes with not understanding what they are saying.Accents are wonderful and all but some Caribbean people don’t know how to speak in such a way those others from outside of their native island can understand them.What makes a man from this side of the world different from other parts of the world?First of all, they can’t see a pretty woman pass and not say call out something like “Aye sweetness, Aye lover” whether or not they are wearing a construction uniform or sitting down with the other fellas at the entrance to the beach with a rum bottle in hand.

Not only when it comes to romance but other things as well.This high esteem for family life, translates well into their own lives when they eventually have children of their own, making certain to host regular house parties to ensure that every cousin remains close.Con Then there are the mommy’s boys, which is extremely prevalent in the Caribbean because everyone remains so geographically close. Better yet, let’s talk about dating Caribbean men because why the hell not?As a Caribbean woman, I have had my fair share of interacting and dating Caribbean men and boy I tell you, .

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Each island has a different slang, various words that have different meanings, on top of that we as Caribbean people tend to slur our words, emphasize on certain vowels that makes our language sound strange.

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