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Men date Borderlines because women with BPD are usually attractive. Inexperienced men jump through all the hoops because they are desperate for her. We all want to fall in love with a beautiful women. It isn’t until you do your research that you learn about BPD. Due to past experiences with men, women (especially borderlines) will pull away. You may be clueless on how you can help make the relationship work. You’ll soon learn why it doesn’t really matter if your girl has BPD or not.Since human’s are lazy, it’s easy to apply the label to your girl. She is doing this to test you (even if she doesn’t realize it). If you truly do care, then you will want to understand. They might pursue in the beginning, but then the woman takes over once she’s in love. You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy. Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is an emotional disorder that causes emotional instability, leading to stress and other problems.

as a pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships in an individual’s life, along with an unstable self-image, affect, and increased impulsivity starting in early adulthood.But, the reality is that you’ll encounter complications in all relationships. Yet all studies show that relationships and social skills are at an all-time low. Because 97% of men lack mental and emotional control. The man who fails with BPD women sets himself up for failure. Because you can avoid 90% of the problems you experience. My goal with this website and my training is to teach you from my experience. Instead of the man having control over his mind, the mind controls him! I know every article on the internet tells you to run from borderline women, but I do things differently around these parts.My relationship history is full of attractive BPD women. But, I made it out alive and have managed to remain amazing friends with many women who (most likely) have BPD.

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