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For example, in geographically distant partners, the Internet may be a good tool to help maintain the sexual connection.

In fact, partners who engage in cybersex with each other have higher levels of sexual and relationship satisfaction.

Cybersex with a relational partner can encourage honesty, openness, and sexual communication in a relationship, greater comfort with sexual desires and in some cases increased frequency of offline sex.

So it seems that recreational cybersex can be good for your relationship when you are having it with an offline partner.

Clearly, both of these outcomes can be damaging to relationships.

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Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cyber) Akhilesh Singh said, “A lot of people paid the money through Paytm but never heard back from the supposed clubs.

We started tracking the Paytm accounts used by the accused and found that they closed the accounts every two to three days and set up new ones.

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