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“They may be unstable in other areas of their life.” “If I were going out on a first date, I wouldn’t ask for a credit score!” says psychologist Maggie Baker, a financial therapist and the author of “Crazy About Money.” But Baker adds that it’s vital to discuss finances before things go too far. Being honest and transparent about money is important,” she says.If you were dating, would you swipe left if the other person had a lower credit score? “I consider finances and how someone manages them to be a pivotal topic when choosing a partner,” says Asia Martin-Ingram, a 25-year-old working in digital advertising in New York.More than 4 in 10 Americans indicate that knowing someone’s credit score could banish a date to the friend zone, a Bankrate survey finds.Most (74 percent) say it’s OK for a couple not to know each other’s credit scores until after several months of dating or even after they’re engaged.

“If somehow your money is going to intertwine, it’s important to know where they stand.” Ariel Herlich, 29, a Brooklyn-based market researcher who has been married two years, says she didn’t know anything about her husband’s credit score until they merged finances. But I knew he didn’t have any serious debt, and he didn’t strike me as financially flaky.” If you’re the partner with bad credit, here’s one consolation: Experts say you shouldn’t be written off based on your score alone.True love for the financially challenged: piggybacking to improve a credit score When two people with vastly different credit scores get married, there's always the risk that the high credit score will be dragged down by the low one.Smart couples find ways to avoid this credit score tumble by blending their finances carefully. Going further, one financial advisor suggested that for many daters, the credit score issue falls into the same category as a test for sexually transmitted diseases. That's a question that could certainly qualify as a mood-killer. According to articles in major national publications, the single adult population in the U. has started to embrace the credit score as a necessary topic in any dating discussion.

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