Cougar dating age difference

First, Ashton’s net worth has grown much more than Demi’s over the past eight years.Second, Ashton’s testosterone production is nearing its biological peak according to his age, while their relationship is nearing the seven year itch point.As a dating website which specifically aimed for the young men and older women and also young women and older men relationship, they kindly offer help for you to find the right date without considering the age difference.Older women sometimes lose their confidence to experience the life thrill; meeting younger men will give them possibilities to enjoy the life they always wanted.38% said they love older women because Cougars know what they want.But the most revealing answer of whether Cougar-Cub relationships are headed for trouble may be in the final question: Do you prefer to date Cougars because you do not find younger women attractive? To further understand why older women and younger men get together, and whether their relationships will last, we turn to the numbers on Whats Your

Once two people get to know each other at a deeper level, other more influential factors come to play: true love, genuine care, real understanding, conscious commitment, and of course rational choice.The value curves also provide clues of what types of Cougar-Cub relationships stand the best chance of surviving in the long run.Let us take the Demi Moore – Ashton Kutcher union as an example.In a relationship, the age difference is no longer the main issue as long as the two persons have found something in common in each of them.If you also believe that age difference is not a problem, so does the Age

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72% like dating Cougars because they probably don’t have to pay for the date.

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