Consolidating lots

For this, you will need the services of surveyors registered with the South African Council for Professional and Technical Surveyors.Keep in mind that, if you want to subdivide property near the central business district of a city, factors such as transportation routes, workplaces, and population housing requirements are considered.The council will only consider such an application if it will be to the benefit of the communities and in line with the urban planning goals for the city.

You may furthermore need to make an application to one of the nature conservation authorities.For both subdivision and land consolidation, you will need the help of town planners and other professionals, such as land surveyors.Consolidations and subdivisions entail cadastral surveys. Such surveys must be done when new parcels of land are created.The new property diagrams must be obtained, and the Surveyor General must give permission to survey the land.You will thus have to deal with a town planner who works in close relationship with the land surveyor.

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