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Then, on the other side, there are regular comic books, who have their own storyline, they are interested in the way that they are presented to the audience and they are full of details.

If you just take only one picture from any of these sites, you will see that they put so much effort in making these pictures come alive and arousing someone just through still pictures is not that easy.

That makes sense since the medium that we are all used to is in fact the video one.

Reading is hard enough but those who are not burned by the new generation's ailments, the O. D., MTV, seven-second focus span ailment, they are in for a treat.

This is why some are just using these types of comic books as a part of their foreplay arousal, or just for fun.

There's no need or pressure to orgasm from them, some people just love to read the comics and enjoy them for what they are. They are 3D and at times, you have no clue that they are drawn by someone.

And if you want me to draw a cartoon for you, or want my cartoon on a T-shirt, ask me! These are not your typical jerking off materials of you know what we are saying.It might be hard to jerk off to a picture that once you've read you've already gotten aroused. Clicking to the next button to see the next page can be really hard when you have something else hard already in your hand.The realism that the animators put in these products are off the wall sick.When you start reading the sites that we selected as the best ones, you start to figure out a pattern why some work and why some are just not as appealing as the others.

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