Cm error while updating

An application attempted to open a transaction when one was already open on the same storable object.

An application attempted to commit or stop a transaction, but none had been opened.The error was caused by a custom application passing invalid data to BRM or by a system failure within the client application. The application unexpectedly lost the connection to the BRM database.The error was detected before the requested operation was performed, so no data in the database has been changed. Usually, this error means that the connection to the network was lost.Hence, the application must determine whether system data has been changed.This class of error is extremely rare, but you must deal with it carefully to avoid corrupting the data in the database.

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The error was probably caused by a transient condition. Common causes include a temporary shortage of system resources (perhaps caused by too many connections to the CM) or a failure of a network connection that you can route around.

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