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#worstdecisionever Teacher shortages, underfunded schools, underpaid educators, & a #nc ED supt more interested in promoting himself than the state's teachers.... Tickets at @Pittsburgh CLO Proceeds from Meet & Greets w/ Clay Aiken, help support the National Inclusion Project 💚💙 @includingkids #Grease Is The Word #loveislove I0Sgm XI Ziq BP6V I admit to sucking at a lot of technology, but I have Postmates NAILED!! 🤞🏻 If you haven't voted yet, you have till the end of the day!

Justice Kagan rightfully says "the partisan gerrymanders here debased and dishonored our democracy, turning upside-down the core American idea that all governmental power derives from the people." And yet conservatives on SCOTUS decide to ALLOW gerrymandering. Either @jenmangrumfornc @Maherfor NC @votekeithsutton or @jcbarr need to win! 🙌🏼 🤩 [email protected] stars in #Grease as Teen Angel, in #Pittsburgh, 6/7-16th!

In 2004 he also had a televised Christmas special, A Clay Aiken Christmas.

Aiken is taking over for David Hyde Pierce on the Broadway production of Spamalot. To me, bars are what hell is like.” He imagines his social life here will be “nonexistent, really. Perhaps Clay Aiken is not a homosexual; not every person who is sexually thwarted is in the closet.Regular America loves Clay Aiken exactly the way he is.(They voted for him.) “Watch out,” says the guy at the box office who hands me my tickets for Spamalot. They scream like teenagers, but they’re middle-aged women!His debut album, Measure of a Man, released in October 2003, went multi-platinum.He released four more albums on the RCA label: Merry Christmas with Love (2004), A Thousand Different Ways (2006), the Christmas EP All is Well (2006), Aiken co-wrote a bestselling memoir in 2004, Learning to Sing.

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It's a lengthy profile by Ariel Levy that I don't think the Claymates will like. A snippet: “Let’s not fool ourselves,” he says with his eyebrows up in his arch, queeny way. There are people like Justin Timberlake, males who are cool on radio right now, and then there’s me. If I went into a dance club—which I never do—and I heard Clay Aiken come on, I’d roll my eyes and get out. I’m not a nighttime person.” He does not plan on dating, and he is not involved with anyone. “My dogs.” He has never had a romantic relationship with anyone, unless you count the girls he took to dances back in high school in Raleigh. But the thing that makes Aiken seem much younger than a nearly 30-year-old man is that he insists so incessantly that he is brimming with folksy self-acceptance when he so clearly doesn’t have a clue.

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