Cheerleaders dating black players

However, in March of 2012, Jones was arrested for having sex with one of her students.

She pleaded guilty and is now (or was at one point) engaged to the kid.

Here is our list of the top athletes who have fooled around with or had relationships with cheerleaders.

Some dated cheerleaders who worked for their teams, while others dated ladies involved with different sports altogether.

People across the sports world have offered interesting tidbits of information detailing working conditions that would be grounds for an awesome harassment lawsuit in any normal company.

There has been some hinting at the idea that they could unionize, but we have to look at whether such a union could ever actually wield any real power. The NFL has been the league most heavily scrutinized for cheerleader treatment due to the fact that, in differing degrees team to team, cheerleaders are treated like garbage.

When I decided to do this list, I assumed I’d find more such relationships than I could handle. Nevertheless, 20 is the number we’re dealing with here.However, before that, he was linked to Abigail Klein, here, who is an actress and—here's a shock—a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. And there, she supposedly dated former Canberra Raider (current Newcastle Knight) Travis Waddell. However, in 2012, after four years of marriage, the two divorced.Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke is married to Emily Kuchar, a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Sadly for Chris's bank account, he did Former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Kelsi Reich's main man is JC, judging by her twitter account.These days Alex Smith is the QB in Kansas City, where he helped the Chiefs go from worst to first (well, second anyway) in 2013.However, back before Colin Kaepernick came alone, when he was the number one guy for the San Francisco 49ers, Alex fell for Elizabeth Barry, who was a cheerleader for the Niners' cross-bay rivals, the Oakland Raiders. That actually explains why Smith fell out of favor with the Niners despite his stellar QB rating.

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