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As some of you know, each year we (myself, some family members, and horse-loving friends) make the journey to Breyerfest, and spend the weekend shopping and selling models! Breyer has given us the opportunity to get our 2019 line information a little earlier than expected this year! We will have our first Justify models late October 2018! I can hardly believe that we are already into April! With the Early Bird Deadline fast approaching (April 15th) I wanted to touch base with you all and remind you that with the passing of the Early Bird Deadline, also comes a small increase in Special Ru..Your best bet to find current values is to look at what the same model in a similar condition is selling for on an online site like I need your photos to fill in gaps in this catalog and to replace Breyer's stock photos.Photos must have been taken or be owned by you--I can't accept photos off of e Bay or other sources without permission from the owner.Bear in mind that a model's value is simply what someone else is willing to pay for it, no matter what the price guide or sales list tells you one is going for!A great deal depends on the condition of the model being sold, as well as on the popularity of that particular model and its rarity.In other words, using site photos and information in your article on, say, the history of Breyer's "red roan" color is fine, but a blog post documenting all of the releases on a given Breyer mold or breed, using only photos and text found on this site, is not.Giving source credit when you use material you've found here is greatly appreciated.

Because they are painted by hand sometimes a shade will vary between light and dark, but the general color and the number of or absence of things like stockings and facial markings usually remains the same. , but there are many resources out there that can help you determine its worth.If you're looking for information on a particular series of models (Treasure Hunts, Holiday Horses, web specials and the like) or information on new and discontinued models by year be sure to check out the that you might want to check out, too!I have been collecting Breyer model horses since the early 1970s and in 2001 created Identify Your Breyer in order to better share this wonderful hobby with others.You're not looking for a color match, just for the same shape.Sometimes Breyer will change the shape of the mane or tail on a model, so don't rely just on that.

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